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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Maiden Armour Paul 1932 ECB lists only Aug 33 cheap ed
Lonely Pathway Paul 1933 Mar 33. DW 7/6
Return They Must Paul 1933 Oct 33. DW 7/6
The Wrong that Was Done Leng 1935 People's Friend Library 403
Body Made Alive Smith 1936 DW 3/6
A Glimpse of Paradise Boardman 1944 May be non-mystery. Priced 9d
Two Mrs Farrells Ditto 1946  
Many Parts Swan 1946  
Shipwrecked Schoolship Swan 1946  
By the World Condemned Amalgamated 1949  
The Secret of the Seven Sisters Ward 1950  
The Brain of Paul Menoloff Robertson 1953  
The Cruise of the Carefree Ward 1955  
The Hidden Answer Gifford 1956  
House of Echoes Ditto 1956  
Murderer's Maze Ditto 1957  
City of Fear Gifford 1958  
Operation Snatch Ditto 1958 Black cloth, gilt. DW 10/6
The Reluctant Executioner Hale 1959  
Small and Deadly Ditto 1960  
Girl in a Net Hale 1962  
The Golden Teddybear Boardman 1965  
Not My Murder Gifford 1967  
Monk's Hollow Gifford 1968 US: 1969 Ace
Hate Thy Neighbour Hale 1969  
Master of the High Beck Hale 1969  

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Further Information
John Marsh was the pseudonym of  a partnership between Florence Shepherd and Harrington Hastings. They had two main series characters, Ray Felton and Simon Luck. If you have any further information please do contact us.


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