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The following John Cassells bibliography contains the criminous titles
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W Murdoch Duncan
John Cassells
Neill Graham
Peter Malloch
Lovat Marshall
Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Sons of Morning Andrew Melrose 1946  
The Bastion of the Damned Ditto 1946  
Murder Comes to Rothesay Ditto 1946  
The Mark of the Leech Ditto 1947  
Master of the Dark Melrose 1948  
The League of Nameless Men Ditto 1948  
The Castle of Sin Ditto 1949 Dust jacket 9s 6d
The Clue of the Purple Asters Ditto 1949  
The Waters of Sadness Melrose 1950  
The Circle of Dust Ditto 1950  
The Grey Ghost Ditto 1951  
Exit Mr Shane Ditto 1951  
The Second Mrs Locke Ditto 1952  
The Rattler Melrose 1952  
Salute Inspector Flagg Muller 1953  
Case for Inspector Flagg Ditto 1954  
Enter the Picaroon Ditto 1954  
Inspector Flagg and the Scarlet Skeleton Frederick Muller 1955  
The Avenging Picaroon Ditto 1956  
Again Inspector Flagg Ditto 1956  
Beware! The Picaroon Ditto 1956  
Meet the Picaroon Ditto 1957  
Presenting Inspector Flagg Muller 1957 Dust cover by De Marco
Case 29 John Long 1958  
The Engaging Picaroon Ditto 1958  
Enter Superintendent Flagg Ditto 1959  
The Enterprising Picaroon Ditto 1959  
Score for Superintendent Flagg Ditto 1960  
Salute the Picaroon Ditto 1960  
Problem for Superintendent Flagg Ditto 1961  
The Brothers of Benevolence John Long 1962  
The Picaroon Goes West Ditto 1962  
Prey for the Picaroon Ditto 1963 Dustwrapper by Eisner
The Council of the Rat Ditto 1963  
Blue Mask Ditto 1964  
Challenge for the Picaroon Ditto 1964  
Grey face Ditto 1965  
The Benevolent Picaroon Ditto 1965  
Plunder for the Picaroon Ditto 1966  
Blackfingers Ditto 1966  
The Audacious Picaroon John Long 1967  
The Room in Quiver Court Ditto 1967  
The Elusive Picaroon Ditto 1968  
Call for Superintendent Flagg Ditto 1968  
Night of the Picaroon Ditto 1969  
The Double-Grosser Ditto 1969  
Quest for the Picaroon Ditto 1970  
The Grafter Ditto 1970 Dust jacket artwork by William Randell
The Picaroon Collects Ditto 1970  
The Hatchet Man John Long 1971  
Profit for the Picaroon Ditto 1972  
The Enforcer Ditto 1973  
The Picaroon Laughs Last Ditto 1973  
Killer's Role Ditto 1974  
Action for the Picaroon Ditto 1975 Dust jacket priced 2.40 net
Quest for Superintendent Flagg Ditto 1975  
The Picaroon Gets the Run-Around John Long 1976 Dust jacket art by Oliver Elmes

Dust Jacket Artist: Unknown

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Further Information
John Cassells, born 18 November 1909 to 1976, is a pseudonym of Duncan W Murdoch.


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