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Jessica Mann Criminous Novels
Series Characters: Thea Crawford & Tamara Hoyland

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
A Charitable End Collins Crime Club 1971
Mrs Knox's Profession Macmillan 1972 Dust jacket priced £1.60 net
The Only Security Macmillan 1973 Thea Crawford
The Sticking Place Macmillan 1974
Captive Audience Macmillan 1975 Thea Crawford
The Eighth Deadly Sin Macmillan 1976
The Sting of Death Macmillan 1978
Funeral Sites Macmillan 1981
No Man's Island Macmillan 1983
Grave Goods Macmillan 1984
A Kind of Healthy Grave Macmillan 1986 Dustwrapper priced £8.50
Death Beyond the Nile Macmillan 1988 The spy Tamara Hoyland in Egypt
Faith Hope and Homicide Macmillan 1991
Telling Only Lies Hutchinson 1992
A Private Inquiry Constable 1996 Nominated for a Gold Dagger award
Hanging Fire Constable 1997
The Survivor's Revenge Constable 1998
Under a Dark Sun Constable 2000
The Voice from the Grave Constable 2002
The Mystery Writer Allison & Busby 2005 Printer's key: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Dead Woman Walking The Cornovia Press 2013 Paperback original re the British Library
The Stroke of Death Ramsbury : Robert Hale 2016 Paperback original re the British Library

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Jessica Mann Biography - Information About the Author
Jessica Mann was born in 1937.
As well as the books above there are three non-fition titles.
The Tamara Hoyland books feature a good series character with an interesting archealogical leaning.
The first edition books represent remarkable value for money and you could do a lot worse than put a set together.
Prices are very atractive, including even signed first editions, a a full set of books would compliment any collection - an under appreciated author.
The books also benefit from some very attractive dust jacket designs (for modern books that is)

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