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Selwyn Jepson

Keep Murder Quiet

Michael Joseph 1940
Jacket artwork by V Asta

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"ROGER SPAIN took a deep breath. This was the king-pin question of the hundreds he had been asking o up and down London, from Hackney to Hoxton, from Curzon Street to Chiswick and back again. All the I tttle o questions had been asked, their answers taken and fitted together and built into a sort of tower of knowledge from which o he could ask this man the ultimate question, and with his answer crown the edifice. . . ." If the answer was ''yes" it would change suspicion to certainty and Roger could then set out with the single-minded and unrelenting determination to see the murderer oi his father hanged, Selwyn Jepson's story, moving with power and vigorous action, draws you into it and will not let you rest until it has brought you to its curiously satisfying climax. A thriller, a story of intelligent detection, and a novel of character and atmosphere combined, we unhesitatingly recommend it to the most experienced readers of crime fiction—and to all those others who want a well-written, excellent story whatever it may be about.



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