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The following Jean Middlemiss bibliography contains the mystery titles.
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Lil Hurst 1872  
Wild Georgie Chapman 1873  
Baiting the Trap Chapman 1874  
Mr. Dorillon Chatto 1876  
Touch and Go Chatto 1877  
Innocence at Play Tinsley 1880  
Sackcloth and Broadcloth Ditto 1880  
Sealed by a Kiss Ditto 1880  
Dandy Tinsley 1881  
Four in Hand Tinsley 1881  
Patty's Partner Ditto 1882  
By Fair Means White 1884  
Poisoned Arrows Ditto 1884  
A Girl in a Thousand Chapman 1885  
The Loadstone of Love White 1886  
Nelly Jocelyn widow White 1887  
Vaia's Lord Sonnenschein 1888  
Two False Moves White 1890  
How I Became Eminent Eden 1892  
Hush Money Digby 1895  
She's Fooling Thee! Aldine 1895  
Vengeance Is Mine Aldine 1895  
The Mysterious Mrs. Nutford Aldine 1896  
Blanche Coningham's Surrender White 1898  
In Storm and Strife Digby 1899  
The Yellow Badge Ditto 1899  
The Queen Wasp Digby 1900  
His Lawful Wife Digby 1901  
A Wheel of Fire Ditto 1901  
Fallen from Favour Digby 1902  
A Woman's Calvary Ditto 1903  
The Falkners of Greenhurst Digby 1904  
Ruth Anstey Ditto 1904  
Count Remeny Long 1905  
A Veneered Scamp Long 1906  
A Felon's Daughter Digby 1906  
An Evil Angel Digby 1908  
Loves Old and New Ditto 1908  
Mignon's Peril Ditto 1909  
At the Altar Steps Digby 1910  
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Further Information
Jean Middlemiss is somewhat obscure and we know nothing of her background. Please do drop us a line if you have any more information on this author - thank you.

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