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James Mitchell Bibliography

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James Mitchell
Series Character: David Callan and James Craig

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the crime and mystery fiction titles
The author is collected and collectors will be well aware that the books aren't common in nice condition with dust jackets
Large library allocations took care of a large proportion of the print runs
The scarcer books do attract good prices though not prohibitive for the keen collector
The author is perhaps best known the Callan Department K TV series

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Buy Books by James Mitchell

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Here's a Villian Peter Davies 1957 US: Morrow 1958 as
The Lady is Waiting
A Way Back Peter Davies 1959 US: Morrow 1960 as
The Way Back
Steady Boys, Steady Peter Davies 1960
Among Arabian Sands Peter Davies 1962
A Magnum for Schneider Herbert Jenkins 1969 US: Schuster 1971 as
A Red File for Callan
Ilion Like a Mist Cassell 1969 Also as Venus in Plastic - Corgi
The Winners Cassell 1970
Russian Roulette Hamish Hamilton 1973 US: Morrow 1973
Death and Bright Water Hamish Hamilton 1974 US: Morrow 1974
Smear Job Hamish Hamilton 1975 US: Putnam 1977
The Evil Ones Hamish Hamilton 1982

Novels as James Munro

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Man Who Sold Death Hammond 1964 US: Knopf 1965
Die Rich, Die Happy Hammond 1965 US: Knopf 1966
The Money that Money Can't Buy Hammond 1967 US: Knopf 1968
The Innocent Bystanders Herbert Jenkins 1969 US: Knopf 1970

TV Novelizations

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
When the Boat Comes In Hamish Hamilton 1976
The Hungry Years Hamish Hamilton 1976
Upwards and Onwards Hamish Hamilton 1977
Goodbye Darling Hamish Hamilton 1980

James Mitchell Biography
James William Mitchell, British born in 1926, went to Oxford University and had a varied career before becoming a television writer and then author of books. He is best known for his series David Callan who was played in a long running TV series by Edward Woodward.


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