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James McClure Series Characters: Lt. Kramer - Sgt. Zondi

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

James McClure Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Steam Pig Gollancz 1971 US: Harper Row 1972
The Caterpillar Cop Gollancz 1972 US: Harper 1973
Four and Twenty Virgins Gollancz 1973
The Gooseberry Fool Gollancz 1974 US: Harper 1974
Snake Gollancz 1975 US: Harper 1976
Rogue Eagle Macmillan 1976 US: Harper 1976
The Sunday Hangman Macmillan 1977 US: Harper 1977
The blood of an Englishman Macmillan 1980 US: Harper 1981
Spike Island : portrait of a police division Macmillan 1980 Non-fiction
The Artful Egg Macmillan 1984 US: Pantheon Books 1985
Cop World Macmillan 1984 Non-fiction I believe
Imago: A modern comedy of manners Penzler Books 1988 No UK edition listed in British Library
The Song Dog Faber 1991 US: Mysterious Press 1991

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James McClure Biography - Information About the Author
James Howe McClure was born in 1939 and died 2006 (re British Library).
American editions are noted when published.
Collectors will find first editions in dust jacket available and reasonably priced, the early "Yellow Jackets" are uninspiring as always with this publishing house.
Redaers are well served with plentiful cheap books in the form of paperbacks and reprints, indeed many first edition books are not prohibitive price wise.
The Kramer - Zondi books do make for a different read being set in South Africa, a pleasant change form the norm.

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