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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Quickness of the Hand Andre Deutsch 1952 Red cloth, gilt letters. DJ 9/6
Rebound Heinemann 1961  
A Season of Nerves As Above 1962  
Hammerhead As Above 1964 US: 1964 Morrow
Let Sleeping Girls Lie Heinemann 1965 US: 1966 Morrow
Shamelady As Above 1966 American: 1966 Morrow
Once in a Lifetime Heinemann 1968 US: 1968 Morrow as
Sergeant Death
The Man Above Suspicion As Above 1969  
Asking for It Heinemann 1971  
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Pseudonym of Stephen Coulter born 1913, main series character Charles Hood.


RAYNER hadn't been in the place two weeks before he knew there was something wrong about the couple upstairs. It came to him as the sort of conviction about some people he would pick up for the rest of his life, the product of a sense, once atrophied, now re-educated by H.M. Commissioners . . . He hadn't tried to find out what was wrong about the pair on the floor above. They left him alone: and that was what he wanted. Rayner pulled up his coat collar against the evening rain, walking down Lupus Street past the fish and chip shop and the pin-table Amusement Arcade towards the house. In front of the Victorian fagade of the corner pub, men and women stood drinking Guinness and laughing


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