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Jack Matthew

Dust Jacket Artist

Jack Matthew is an impressive dustwrapper illustrator.
We only have a few examples of his work, though we shall add more as and when possible.
He did illustrate the Ladybird Books Flight series and as well as fontis' for boys and adventure books
Due to the nature of the site we are concentrating mainly on the crime fiction-thriller style books and covers.
There are some non-criminous titles listed in the interest of providing a more complete picture
Please keep checking for latest additions

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Author Title Publisher Notes
Ralph Arnold Sorrel Island Jonathan Cape 1939
John Bude Death Deals a Double Cassell 1943
Christopher Bush The Case of the Murdered Major Cassell 1941
Christopher Bush The Case of the Fighting Soldier Cassell 1942
Christopher Bush The Case of the Kidnapped Colonel Cassell 1942
Victor Gunn The Dead Man Laughs Collins 1944
Storm Jameson Before the Crossing Macmillan 1947
Eric Leyland Crash Landing Brockhampton Press 1952
Dorothy Ann Lovell The Mystery of the Bronze Frog Jonathan Cape 1942
Lorna Nicholl Morgan Talking of Murder Harrap 1945
Angus MacVicar Tiger Mountain Burke 1952
Wilfrid Robertson Trant of Makati Oxford University Press 1949
Edith Sitwell The Queens and the Hive Macmillan 1963

Further Information - Biography
We are keen to learn more about Jack Matthew, please do get in touch if you can tell us any more about his life and work - we should love to improve this page and preserve as much as possible for the future - thank you


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