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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Little White Lies Book Guild 2008 Green cloth, gilt titles. Jacket 16.99
Lillia's Diary Book Guild 2009 Blue cloth, gilt lettering. Wrapper 17.99
Frozen to Death Book Guild 2010 I think this could be a PBO.
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Ian McFadyen ~ Further Information ~ Biography
A Liverpool born author whose main series character is Inspector Steve Carmichael who features in both the books listed. They are set in rural Lancashire. The books are very nicely produced and certainly look like they have legs as a series.

Sample from Little White Lies
The Carmichael family had been connected to the police force for two generations. Donald Carmichael had joined the police in his native Dumfries, in the mid 1930s. Within 15 years both of his sons had dutifully followed their father into the profession. John, the eldest son, remained in Scotland, rising to the rank of sergeant and was stationed for the majority of his career only 15 miles away from his father in Lockerbie. The younger brother Robert was a little more adventurous and certainly more ambitious. He had no intention of living under the shadow of his father and brother and instead of joining up in Scotland he decided that he would move south, joining the Hertfordshire police force. Robert's career was in many ways the most distinguished. He rose to the rank of chief inspector but sadly was forced to retire in the early 1970s due to poor health, an occupational hazard in the 60s and 70s. With this pedigree it was no surprise when his only son Stephen also decided upon a career in the police. However, like his father, Steve wanted to avoid any comparisons being made between father and son, so he decided to make his career with the Met.

Sample from Lillia's Diary

Lillia Monroe strode confidently into the hotel lobby. Upon her arrival at the reception desk, she smiled broadly. 'I'd like to check in,' she announced. 'The booking is in ray husband's name as usual, John Burton.' 'Good afternoon, Mrs Burton,' replied an immaculately dressed young man behind the counter. 1 have you booked into your usual superior room, number 36.' The receptionist handed over the key to his guest, as he had done every Wednesday evening for the last twelve months. Once Lillia was safely inside room 36 she flicked open her mobile phone and keyed in the numbers that she knew so well. Tm in the room, I'll see you later,' she softly whispered. 'Don't keep me waiting too long.'


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