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Ian MacKintosh Series Character: Tim Blackgrove

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
A Slaying in September Robert Hale 1967
Count Not the Cost Robert Hale 1968
A Drug Called Power Robert Hale 1968
The Man from Destiny Robert Hale 1969
The Brave Cannot Yield Robert Hale 1970
Warship Hutchinson 1973 From a BBC television series
HMS Hero Arthur Barker 1976
Holt R.N. Arthur Barker 1977
Wilde Alliance Sphere 1978 Novelization of the TV series
Reprinted by Severn House 1978
The Sandbaggers Corgi 1978 Novelization of the TV series
Reprinted by Severn House 1979
Statocruiser C97 Airline Publications 1978
What Plane ? Airline Publications 1978
Douglas DC-6 Airline Publications 1978
Encyclopedia of airline colour schemes Airline Publications 1979

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Ian MacKintosh Author Biography - Information About the Author
Ian MacKintosh is best known, certainly to me, for the iconic TV series The Sandbaggers.
The novelization books are both paperback originals.
A book we would recommend is The Life and Mysterious Death of Ian Mackintosh by Robert G. Folsom on Potomac Books.
There's as much, if not more, mystery surrounding the life and disappearance/death of Ian MacKintosh as you'll find in any of his books!
The Robert Hale novels, all listed in Hubin, are rare in dust jacket, if they do turn up they'll almost certainly be ex-public library.
As a fan of espionage fiction, especially the Cold War period, I could wax lyrical about the Sandbaggers TV series but I'll spare you.

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