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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Slasher Wright Brown 1939 Dust jacket 3/6
The Misty Pathway Wright Brown 1940 Feb 40. Dustwrapper 3/6
Highways of Death Wright Brown 1940 July 40. DJ 3/6. Dust civer by Micklewright
The Secret of the Moat Wright Brown 1940 Aug 40. DJ 3/6
Murder Run Wild Hale 1941  
Intent to Kill Hale 1942 Feb 42. DJ 8/-
The Secret Voice Wright Brown 1942 Nov 42. DJ 7/6
Suicide Pact Wright Brown 1942 Dec 42. DJ 4/6. Artwork by Micklewright
Dark Days Ahead Wright Brown 1943 Mar 43. DJ 4/6
Death Strikes at Dawn Rest Same 1943 DJ 7/6. ECB states actual release Apr 44
The Mystery Killer   1943 May 43. DJ 4/6
The Fuehrer Dies   1944 May 44. DJ 7/6. Artwork by Micklewright
Terror Walks by Night   1944 DJ 7/6. ECB states actual release Apr 45
They Lived with death   1945 June 45. DJ 7/6
The Hand of Vengeance   1945 Aug 45. DJ 4/6
A Desperate Gamble   1946  
His Reverence the Rogue   1946  
Lady in Peril   1946  
The Viper's Sting   1946  
Bluebeard's Wife   1947  
Overture to Death   1947  
The Strangler   1947  
Blood Cries for Vengeance   1948  
Death in the Shingle   1948  
Death Walks in Scarlet   1948  
A Wife in the Dark   1948  
Gallows Fruit   1949  
A Clear Case of Murder   1950 Dust jacket artwork by G.P. Micklewrigh
The Edge of Horror   1950 Dust jacket artwork by G. P. Micklewright
Calling Alan Fraser   1951  
Fear Walks the Island   1951  
The Jacaranda Murders   1951  
Murder is Justified   1951  
Dark Deeds   1952  
A Pact with the Devil   1952  
Reigns of Terror   1952  
Deliver Us from Evil   1953  
Night of Terror   1953  
The Night of Crime   1953  
Breath of Suspicion   1954  
The Death Parade   1954  
Murderer's Bride   1954  
Destination Death   1955  
The Hangman Waits   1955  
A Scream in the Night   1955  
Death Let Loose   1956  
She Met Murder   1956  
Stella Shall Die   1956  
Appointment at Eight   1957  
Lady Where Are You   1957  
No Reprieve   1957  
Look Upon the Prisoner   1958  
Poison Pen   1958  
Doorway to Death   1959  
Suicide Fleet   1959  
A Strong Dose of Poison   1959  
The Wicked Shall Flourish   1959  
Death at My Elbow   1960  
In Fear of the Night   1960  
Turn Back from Death   1960  
The Case of the Blue Orchid   1961  
Fanfare for Murder   1961  
Stranger than Fiction   1961  
Murder at Midnight   1962  
Put out the Light   1962  
Stay of Execution   1962  
Bodies in the Cupboard   1963  
The Silent Witness   1963  
A Slight Case of Murder   1963  
Condemned   1964  
Hostage to Death   1964  
Some Day I'll Kill You   1964  
The Dark Shadow   1965  
Murder Strikes at Dawn   1965  
Not Guilty My Lord   1965  
The lady Has Claws   1966  
Murder on the Moor   1967  
Horror at the Moated Mill   1967  
Escape   1968  
Mask of Terror   1968  
We Walk with Death Wright & Brown 1968  

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Hugh Desmond Author Biography - Further Information
Hugh Desmond is something of a mystery to us. All we know is that the author is British, his books appear not to have been published in America, the output was obviously terrific and the artwork for his dust jackets was excellent. The main series character was Alan Fraser who appears in about 30 of the books. If anyone can help with details or information on Hugh Desmond, we should be extremely grateful and happily include it here on this page.

We have been sent the following and gratefully reproduce it verbatim below, out thanks to Brian Greenoff.

Hugh Desmond was in fact a woman named Kathleen Lindsay. other names included Margaret Cameron, Mary Richmond and Molly Waring. Extremely prolific. Born Aldershot in 1903, died 1973, lived in new zealand and australia.

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