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The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Faceless Killers Harvill 2000 US: 1997 New Press
Sidetracked Ditto 2000 US: 1999 Ditto
The Dogs of Riga Ditto 2001 US: 2003 New Press
The Fifth Woman Harvill 2001 US: 2000 Ditto
The Fifth Woman Harvill 2001 US: 2000 Ditto
One Step Behind Ditto 2002 US: 2002 As above
The White Lioness Ditto 2003 US: 1998 New Press
Return of the Dancing Master Ditto 2003 US: 1999 Ditto
Firewall Ditto 2004 US: 2002 Ditto
Before the Frost Harvill 2004 US: 2005
The Man Who Smiled Harvill 2005 Scorpion Press Limited Edition
also produced
The Pyramid Harvill 2008 US: 2007

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Henning Mankell Author Biography - Further Information
Henning Mankell, born 1948, is a Swedish author who gradually gained an underground cult following until now when he is published worldwide. The books were written in Swedish and subsequently translated for the English and American market. The bibliography is, frankly, something of a mess. The chronology is all over the place with books being released in an almost arbitrary nature it seems. We have listed them in order of UK publication. For many collectors the English editions are the most desirable, most of which had very small print runs. This makes them surprisingly, given their age, scarce. His signature is also uncommon and does attract a higher premium than many of his contemporaries. His main series character is Kurt Wallander for his mystery titles. He has also written some children's books and some non-fiction, given the nature of the site these have been omitted from the above checklist.

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