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Helen MacInnes Bibliography

US and UK First Edition Books

This Helen MacInnes bibliography or checklist list the crime or mystery books written by the author.
American editions precede the English first editions except for Horizon

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Above Suspicion Little Brown 1941 UK: 1941 Harrap
Assignment in Brittany Little Brown 1942 UK: 1942 Harrap
Black cloth, yellow titles. Jacket 9/-
While Still We Live Little Brown 1944 UK: 1944 Harrap
As The Unconquerable
Horizon Harrap 1945 USA: 1946 Little Brown
Neither Five Nor Three Harcourt Brace 1951 UK: 1951 Collins
I and My True Love Harcourt Brace 1953 UK: 1953 Collins
Pray for a Brave Heart Harcourt Brace 1955 UK: 1955 Collins
North from Rome Harcourt Brace 1958 UK: 1958 Collins
Decision at Delphi Harcourt Brace 1960 UK: 1961 Collins
The Venetian Affair Harcourt Brace 1963 UK: 1964 Collins
The Double Image Harcourt Brace 1966 UK: 1967 Collins
The Salzburg Connection Harcourt Brace 1968 UK: 1969 Collins
Message from Malaga Harcourt Brace 1971 UK: 1972 Collins
The Snare of the Hunter Harcourt Brace 1974 UK: 1974 Collins
Agent in Place Harcourt Brace 1976 UK: 1976 Collins
Prelude to Terror Harcourt Brace 1978 UK: 1978 Collins
The Hidden Target Harcourt Brace 1980 English Edition: 1981 Collins

Assignment in Brittany By Helen MacInnesp

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Helen MacInnes ~ Further Information ~ Biography
The author was born 1907 and died in 1985, she was British born but moved to America in 1937.

Sample from Assignment in Brittany By Helen MacInnes
BOOK SOCIETY CHOICE Martin Hearne, British Intelligence Officer, pulled the ripcord of his parachute, checked his headling flight through space, and floated gently down to the ground. His mission had begun. From now on he was Bertrand Corlay, a weary poilu returning home after the Armistice. At dawn to-morrow he would be at the farm at St D£odat, would meet Madame Corlay and Alber-tine ; there was also his fiancée, Anne Pinot. Every day for three weeks he had talked to the real Bertrand in hospital in England, had practised his speech and his tight-lipped smile, had memorised every detail of his quiet life. The farm would be a good centre from which he could discover what the Germans were doing in Brittany. Building aerodromes ? Preparing for a sea invasion of Britain ? He was accepted by Madam*, and ostensibly lived his old life at the farm. The Nazis came to St Dodat. Strange things happened—they didn't make sense. Corlay could not have told him everything—and his life depended upon his being unquestionably Bertrand Corlay wherever he went. Then Anne began to be an unexpected complication.

Reviews of Above Suspicion
"The innocents abroad—and they cross wits with the Gestapo. A first-class Secret Service thriller, excellently constructed and skilfullywritten." Sunday Chronicle
" Starts casually In Oxford, becomes intriguing in Germany, and highly exciting in Austria, Tyrol and Italy. . . Notably well written —Daily Telegraph
" A smoothly executed story told with charm and humour and a gay casualness which makes it all seem most probable.'—Belfast Telegraph
" There have been many stories in this genre, bat very few combine as this does, a good plot and breath-taking adventure with excellently drawn characters, delightful writing and many side-lights on the most important events of our own day.** —Homes and Gardens
" An excellent plot, plus more personality than most such novels contain. —Ideal Home
"You will find this well written and very human tale good reading. . . . A first novel, but if Miss Maclnnes can keep it up, the discriminating will look out for her books." —Good Housekeeping
"Adventures are increasingly exciting but never completely fantastic, and Miss Maclnnes writes well enough to put her novel some way above the average thriller." —John O London's
"Excellent novel. ... It is Babes in the Wood versus Gestapo, but the Babes are intelligent babes.—Cavalcade


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