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Malcolm Hamer

Dead on Line

Headline 1996
Jacket design David Juniper

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Malcolm Hamer

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Id advise you to piss off and not waste my time. And don't bother to come back." The words issued flatly from the fleshy lips of David Reynolds, the senior partner of Reynolds, Jayne & Stacey, solicitors. Since he hadn't expressed himself in the measured cadences of drivel that lawyers normally affect in order to confuse laymen, I grasped his point without difficulty. Reynolds picked up his telephone, punched a couple of numbers and said, 'Tania, Mr Ludlow is leaving. Would you show him out please.' He stood up, his manner indicating even more emphatically than his words that our meeting was over. I knew there was no future in prolonging a discussion that had gone nowhere. Nevertheless, I stayed in my chair and looked steadily at Reynolds for a few moments. I wanted him to know that he couldn't intimidate me. He was a big man and his dark suit did nothing to disguise his bulk.

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