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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Lady with a Cool Eye Gollancz 1973
Deviant Death Gollancz 1973
The Corpse Road Gollancz 1974
Miss Pink at the Edge of the World Gollancz 1975
Over the Sea to Death Gollancz 1976
A Short Time to Live Gollancz 1976
Persons Unknown Gollancz 1978
Die Like a Dog Gollancz 1982
Last Chance Country Gollancz 1983
Grizzly Trail Gollancz 1984
Snare Gollancz 1987
The Stone Hawk Macmillan 1989
Rage Macmillan 1990
The Raptor Zone Macmillan 1990
Pit Bull Macmillan 1991
Veronica's Sister Macmillan 1992
The Outside Edge Macmillan 1993
Cue the Battered Wife Macmillan 1994
A Wreath of Dead Moths Severn House 1998
The Lost Girls Constable 1998
Running Dogs Severn House 1999
Private Sins Constable 1999
Quicksand Constable 2001
Retribution Constable 2002
Man Trap Constable 2003
Dying for Love Constable 2004
Gone Feral Constable 2007

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