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Guy Thorne Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Guy Thorne Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Oven: a novel Greening & Co 1902 265 pages ; (8)
When it was Dark Greening & Co 1903 viii. 427 pages ; (8)
"The story of a great conspiracy"
Sharks Greening & Co 1904 By Guy Thorne and Leo Custance
"A fantastic novel for business men and their families"
A Lost Cause John Long 1905
Helena's Love Story Cassell 1906 With eight illustrations by C. H. Taffs
First it was Ordained Ward Lock 1906 Illustrations by Frances Ewan
Made in His Image Hutchinson 1906 viii. 360 pages ; (8)
The Charioteer Ward Lock 1907 Illustrated by Paul Hardy
From the Book Beautiful Greening & Co 1908 Being some old lights relit
The Angel Ward Lock 1908 328 pages ; (8)
Helena's Love Story Cassell 1908 142 pages ; (8)
The Socialist Ward Lock 1909 With two illustrations in colour
An Officer-and a Gentleman ? C. H. White 1909 Short stories
The Race Before Us F.V. White & Co 1910 vii. 312 pages ; (8)
Sweetheart Submarine Greening 1911 Frontispiece by H.M. Brock
Divorce. A novel Greening & Co 1911
The Complete Wildfowler Grant Richards 1911 With Stanley Duncan
The Great Acceptance Hodder & Stoughton 1912 The life story of F.N. Charrington
The Drunkard Greening & Co 1912 482 pages ; (8)
The Vintage of Vice Greening & Co 1913
Not in Israel Cassell 1913 340 pages ; (8)
Chance in Chains T. Werner Laurie 1913 A story of Monte Carlo
The Secret Service Submarine T.C. & E.C. Jack 1915 A story of the present war
The Greater Power Gale & Polden 1915 A story of the present campaign in Italy
The Secret Sea-Plane Hodder & Stoughton 1915
Love and the Freemason T.W. Lawrie 1915
The Cruiser on Wheels T.C. & E.C. Jack 1915
When the Wicked Man Allen & Unwin 1916
And it Came to Pass Jarrold & Sons 1916
Hester Redeemed: a novel Jarrolds 1917
Rescuing Rupert John Long 1917
The Polluted City Ward Lock 1917
Lucky Mr. Loder Ward Lock 1918
The Secret Monitor Skeffington & Son 1918
Wine the Mocker John Long 1919
Doris Moore Ward Lock 1919
The Hammers of Hate Skeffington 1919
Harder than Steel T. Werner Laurie 1919
Back to Lilac Land Everywoman's Novels 1920 80 pages ; (8)
The Lapse of the Bishop Ward Lock 1920
The House of Danger Ward Lock 1920
The Love Hater Ward Lock 1921
The Years of Hate Ward lock 1921 British Library & Hubin state "Tears"
The Voiceless Victims T. Werner Laurie 1922
Fishport Ward Lock 1922
A Year and a Day Ward Lock 1922
The Dark Dominion Ward Lock 1923
False Gods Ward Lock 1923
Muriel Wins Through John Long 1923
The Ravenscroft Affair E.J. Clode 1924 UK ?
The Eye of Pharaoh Ward Lock 1924
The Mystery of St. Michael's Herbert Jenkins 1924
When the World Reeled Ward Lock 1924
A Butterfly on the Wheel Readers Library 1928
The Fanshawe Murder Werner Laurie, 1931 In Omnibus novel of murder and mystery

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Guy Thorne Author Biography - Information About the Author
Guy Thorne is a pseudonym of Cyril Arthur Edward Ranger Gull, born 1875 and died 1923, he is listed in Hubin.
Rather than just include the books listed in Hubin we've compiled a complete list of Guy Thorne's books using every entry held in the British Library and the Scottish national archive.
Guy Thorne also wrote under the pen name C. Ranger-Gull

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