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Victor Gunn

The Dead Man Laughs

Collins 1944
Jacket design Jack matthew

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Victor Gunn     Jack Matthew

"WHAT I can't understand," wheezed Inspector Catchpole, " is why they should send such an important man as yourself, Mr. Cromwell, on such a trifling mission." " Well, it's nice to know I'm an important man," grunted Bill Cromwell dourly. " I'd bow if I could, but in this damned rat-trap it's as much as I can do to move an eyebrow." It was an impolite, and indeed an ungracious, way of referring to Detective-Sergeant Johnny Lister's beautiful sports Alvis ; for Johnny was omcially off duty that afternoon, and learning that his immediate chief had to make a journey into rural Surrey he had generously offered to run him down. In Reigate they had picked up Inspector Catchpole of the Surrey Constabulary, and this latter gentleman, who bore a close resemblance to Teddy Brown, practically filled the rear seat, to say nothing of giving the springs a fit of acute melancholy and depression.

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