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The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Stolen Scar Herbert Jenkins 1925 Dust jacket 7/6
Found on the Road Herbert Jenkins 1926 Dustwrapper 7/6
The Cancelled Score Mystery Herbert Jenkins 1929 Dust cover 7/6
The Curlew Coombe Mystery Herbert Jenkins 1930 DW 7/6
The Lantern House Affair Herbert Jenkins 1931 DW 7/6
The Hotel Cremona Mystery Herbert Jenkins 1932 DW 7/6
The Unknown Enemy Herbert Jenkins 1933 DW 7/6
Three Died That Night Herbert Jenkins 1937 DW 7/6
The Red Mirror Mystery Herbert Jenkins 1938 DW 7/6. Artwork by Alex Jardine
Death Visits the Summer-House Herbert Jenkins 1939 Jacket priced 7/6
Death in Mermaid Lane Herbert Herbert 1940 Jacket priced 8/3
Death Prowls the Cove Herbert Jenkins 1942 DW 7/6. Artwork Lawrence East
The Guest with the Scythe Herbert Jenkins 1943 DW 7/6

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Gret Lane Biography - Further Information
Unfortunately we know nothing about Gret Lane and her life, we would be very happy to add any information, should anyone have any. Her series characters were John Barrin, Inspector Hook and Kate Marsh. None of the books were published in America.

This information kindly sent in by Giovanni Aiassa:
"Her real name was Margaret Lane Van Patten (1883-1944). Born in Portland, Oregon she married Frederick Van Patten in New York City and came to London in 1913. She died in Newport, Shropshire."

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