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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Full Stop Denis Dobson 1957 Red cloth, gilt lettering. DW 11/6
"A Blue Lamp Mystery"
US: 1957 Roy
The Man from Bar Harbour Denis Dobson 1958 US: 1958 Roy
The Dead Reckoning Denis Dobson 1960 American: 1960 Roy
Uncertain Judgement Denis Dobson 1961 USA: 1962 Roy
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Dust Jacket Artist Unknown

Further Information
This is a pseudonym of William Simpson Newton. The books are set in England and the author's main series character is Nick Marshall. The Full Stop sees his debut and also that of Inspector Bone of Scotland Yard.

MARSHALL EMERGED FROM the darkness of the back street and entered the mews. He walked quickly, taking long determined strides over the worn cobbles, his mouth set in an angry line. The cause of his anger was nothing new. Kelts had been missing before and on each occasion he had eventually turned up with a headache and the memory of some woman. Each was going to be the last and never was. This time Marshall was determined to bring the trouble to a head. Kells' flat was on the second floor. Going up in the lift Marshall examined himself in one of the mirrored wall panels. He decided he was looking older than his thirty-eight years. The first sign of grey had begun to manifest itself near the temples, but he consoled himself with the thought that no man could have gone through what he had experienced in the war and not expect to see a change. They had been tough years and had left their mark. He stopped outside Kells' flat, pushed his finger into the buzzer and held it there several seconds. He lit a cigarette and waited, resting his long frame against the wall. There was no answer. He rang again keeping his finger firmly on the buzzer so he could hear it sounding inside,


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