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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Secret of the Seven Spiders Fenland 1932  
The Blue Light Blackie 1935  
The Seven Shadows Blackie 1935  
The Missing Million Gifford 1938  
The League of Twelve Mellifont 1940  
The Seven Saints Gerald Swan 1945  
The Adventure of the Black Pilgrim Modern Fiction 1945  
Case of the Seven Keys Modern Fiction 1945  
Rubberface Ditto 1945  
Further Adventures of the Black Pilgrim Ditto 1945  
Gangsters All Mitre 1945  
Gangsters Parade Mitre 1945  
Silver Slave Regency 1945  
The Brotherhood of Death Mitre 1946  
Sinister Valley Bear 1946  
Men of the Mist Martin Reid 1947  
The Sign of Seven Coker 1950 Green cloth, black titles. DW 5/-
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Series character The Black Pilgrim. No other information sadly. Please note we are unsure of the order of publication when 2 or more titles were published in the same year


THE pleasant summer breeze, wafting the perfume of June roses, ruffled Joan Maye's curls, as she lay in the deck-chair placidly reading. A sudden growl from the wire-haired terrier beside her made her drop her book to her lap and turn her head to see the cause. A frown of annoyance puckered her pleasant face as she saw the little figure of a man who, dressed as a butler, was trundling a tea-trolley across the trim lawn towards her. The trolley came to a stop and the ingratiating voice of the butler caused the frown on Joan's forehead to deepen.
"Leave the trolley, please, Sneyd," she said. "I'll help myself."
"Very good, Miss," replied the man, and turning, he walked slowly back towards the house.
Joan Maye stared after him curiously, annoyed with herself at being so foolish as to dislike the man. But somehow Charles Sneyd aroused in her an instinctive feeling of distrust. Yet he was in great favour with her two uncles, who praised him as a model butler.


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