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George Bellairs Bibliography

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George Bellairs Series Character: Inspector / Superintendent Littlejohn

The following George Bellairs bibliography contains the criminous titles. American editions listed when applicable
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Littlejohn on Leave John Gifford 1941  
Death of a Busybody As Above 1942 US: 1943 Macmillan
The Dead Shall Be Raised As Above 1942 US: 1943 Macmillan as
Murder Will Speak
The Four Unfaithful Servants John Gifford 1942  
The Case of the Seven whistlers As Above 1943 US: 1948 Macmillan
Murder of a Quack As Above 1943 US: 1944 Macmillan
Calamity at Harwood As Above 1943 US: 1945 Macmillan
Turmoil in Zion John Gifford 1943 US: 1944 as
Death Stops the Frolic
Death in the Night Watches As Above 1945 US: 1946 Macmillan
He'd Rather Be Dead As Above 1945  
The Crime at Halfpenny Bridge As Above 1946  
Close All Roads to Sospel Gifford 1947 US: 1981 Walker as
Close All Roads to Sospel
The Case of the Scared Rabbits As Above 1946 Hubin calls for 1947 (incorrectly)
Dust jacket artwork by Pollack
Outrage on Gallows Hill Thriller Book Club 1948 Book club edition precedes
the 1949 Gifford edition
Death on the Last Train Gifford 1948 US: 1949 Macmillan
The Case of the Famished Parson As Above 1949 US: 1949 Macmillan
The Case of the Demented Spiv As Above 1950 US: 1950 Macmillan
The Case of the Headless Jesuit As Above 1950 US: 1951 Macmillan as
Death Brings in the New Year
Dead March for Penelope Blow Gifford 1951 US: 1951 Macmillan
Death in Dark Glasses As Above 1952 US: 1952 Macmillan
Crime in Lepers Hollow As Above 1952  
Half-Mast for the Deemster As Above 1953  
A Knife for Harry Dodd Gifford 1953  
Corpses at Enderby As Above 1954  
The Cursing Stones Murder As Above 1954  
Death in Room Five As Above 1955  
Death Drops the Pilot As Above 1956  
Death Treads Softly Gifford 1956  
Death in High Provence As Above 1957  
Death Sends for the Doctor As Above 1957  
Corpse at the Carnival As Above 1958  
Murder Makes Mistakes As Above 1958  
Bones in the Wilderness As Above 1959  
Toll the Bell for Murder Gifford 1959  
Death in Despair As Above 1960  
Death in the Fearful Night As Above 1960  
The Body in the Dumb River As Above 1961 US: 1981 Tower as
Murder Masquerade
Death of a Tin God Gifford 1961  
Death Before Breakfast As Above 1962  
The Tormenters As Above 1962  
Death in the Wasteland As Above 1963  
Death of a Shadow As Above 1964  
Surfeit of Suspects As Above 1964  
Death Spins the Wheel Gifford 1965  
Intruder in the Dark As Above 1966  
Strangers Among the Dead As Above 1966  
Death in Desolation As Above 1967  
Single Ticket to Death As Above 1967  
Fatal Alibi As Above 1968  
Murder Gone Mad Gifford 1968  
The Night They Killed Joss Varran As Above 1970  
Tycoon's Death-Bed As Above 1970 Dust jacket priced 16/-
Pomeroy Deceased As Above 1971  
Murder Adrift As Above 1972  
Devious Murder As Above 1973 US: 1980 Walker
Fear Round About As Above 1975 American: 1980 Walker
Downhill Ride of Leeman Popple As Above 1978  
Old Man Dies John Gifford 1980  

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George Bellairs Biography - Further Information
George Bellairs, born 1902 was a pen name used by Harold Blundell. He had one main series character, Thomas Littlejohn who rose though the ranks as the series proceeded. These books remain very popular amongst both collectors and readers today. Although not particularly old, they can be notoriously tricky to locate, especially in collectable condition and complete with original dust jackets. So much so in fact that many collectors will buy the Thriller Book Club editions as a decent alternative, thankfully graced with, generally, good period artwork. It is also worth mentioning the sometime Isle of Man settings which also contributes to their continued popularity.
This bibliography does need some fine tuning. We need to sort out precedence for books published in the same year. So, whilst all titles and dates are correct the chronological order may be askew when more than one book was published in the same year

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