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George B Mair Bibliography

UK & US First Edition Books in Order

George B Mair Series Character: Dr David Grant

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

George B Mair Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
An Investigation into Surgical Problems . . . University of Glasgow 1945
The Surgery of Abdominal Hernia E. Arnold 1948
Doctor Goes North Peter Owen 1958
Doctor Goes East Peter Owen 1958
Doctor Goes West Peter Owen 1958 Journey to Brazil
Destination Moscow Herbert Jenkins 1960
The Day Khrushchev Panicked Cassell 1961 US: Random House 1962
Doctor in Turkey Robert Hale 1961
Death's Foot Forward Jarrolds 1963 US: Random House 1964
Book setting Moscow in Russia
Miss Turquoise Jarrolds 1964 US: Random House 1965
The second David Grant story
Live, Love and Cry Jarrolds 1965 US: Berkeley 1968
Book set in Scotland
Kisses from Satan Jarrolds 1966 US: Berkeley 1968
Book set in Switzerland
The Girl from Peking Jarrolds 1967 US: Berkeley 1968
Backdrop Far East
Black Champagne Jarrolds 1968 US: Berkeley 1969
Goddesses Never Die Jarrolds 1969
A Wreath of Camellias Jarrolds 1970
Crimson Jade Jarrolds 1971
Paradise Spells Danger Pyramid 1974 Set in San Franciso
Not held in the British Library
The Jade Cat Jarrolds 1973
Confessions of a Surgeon William Luscombe 1974
Escape from Surgery Luscombe 1975

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George B Mair Author Biography - Information About the Author
George Brown Mair was born in 1914, presumably a doctor / surgeon by trade. The author is listed in Hubin and the main series character is David Grant.
We've gone beyond the crime / thriller titles listed by Hubin to include all of the books held by the British Library, the titles make it clear which are thrillers.
Nice copies of the British first edition books with dust jackets aren't common, they shouldn't be overly expensive but, in our experience at least, they don't turn up very often.

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