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Erle Stanley Gardner

The Case of the Silent Partner

Cassell 1941

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Erle Stanley Gardner

HERE is another of the author's famous Perry Mason detective stories. This is the latest, and tells how Mildreth owned a small chain of flower shops and come hell or high water she was going to hang on to the business she'd built up. There was obviously something very wrong with the picture, so she called on Perry Mason. Perhaps Perry Mason had been winning too many cases and was getting a little over-confident. Perhaps it wasn't his fault. Things went wrong, however, and a lot of people started moving in on him. Then there was a murder the police got to ahead of Mason. Unquestionably one difficulty was that Perry had to cope with sharp young Lieut. Tragg, who kept him moving so fast that he never did learn much about flowers. But in the end it was Mason, not Tragg, who laid hands on the Killer.

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