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Erle Stanley Gardner

The DA Holds a Candle

Cassell 1939

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Erle Stanley Gardner

DOUGLAS SELBY,. the ambitious young District Attorney of the territory around Madison City, had up before him a young man guilty of embezzling a comparatively small sum of money which he had spent gambling. Selby could have locked him up—and perhaps ruined his life. But he wanted to find the how and the why of this otherwise law-abiding young man's gambling. Selby's investigations led him to a hit-and-run motor accident, to blackmail, and to the doorstep of DeWitt Stapleton, the local big-wig, who ran things in that part of the country by and for himself. How the District Attorney finally solved the hit-and-run killing, scotched the blackmailers and broke the political stranglehold makes a fine story of young Selby, who is already running strong as a rival in favour to the great Perry Mason himself.

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