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Erle Stanley Gardner

The Case of the Gold-Digger's Purse

Cassell 1948
Cover Artwok by Heade

The Case of the Gold Digger's Purse by Erle Stanley Gardner

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Erle Stanley Gardner     Reginald Heade

Synopsis from The Case of the Gold Digger's Purse by Erle Stanley Gardner
Humourless Harrington Faulkner was fit to be tied. That gold-digger was making preposterous demands—but if. he didn't pay, his goldfish would die. And they were special goldfish—he'd developed the strain himself—Veiltail Moor Telescopes, they were, the 'fish of death' . . . Perry Mason thought he was a crank with a taller fish story than usual. But then the fish disappeared and a body was found on the bathroom floor—beside a shattered goldfish bowl . . . From then on Delia Street and Perry Mason are in the case up to their necks, along with Sally Madison: a beautiful girl with model proportions, definitely not as good as gold . . . Tom Gridley: a chemist and an idealist—the inventor of formulas and trouble for Sally . . . Jane Faulkner: the second Mrs. Faulkner, who turns out to be not so dumb as she looks . . . Elmer Carson: cagey co-owner of Faulkner's business with a1 proprietary interest in other things . . . Genevieve Faulkner: the first Mrs. Faulkner and the reason Harrington Faulkner was afraid of divorces . . . Wilfred Dixon: her business counsellor who knew how to bluff, but didn't like to be called . . . James Staunton: a gentleman who underwrites more than insurance . . .

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