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Erle Stanley Gardner

The DA Goes to Trial

Cassell 1941

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Erle Stanley Gardner

HERE you will find a battered body under a railway trestle;'a vanished book-keeper; a telegram from a man who wasn't there; a girl who fought Doug Selby because she couldn't have him; a political game, with Doug Selby as the pawn; and a set of finger-prints that simply had to be where they weren't—and couldn't be where they were !, As for Sylvia, the lovely young reporter with a nose for news and an eye for Doug; well, there's no good saying anything about her, you must meet her for yourself. Doug Selby, the adventurous and romantic young District Attorney, is familiar to a large circle of mystery story readers. In this adventure he and Sylvia Martin go one better than they have ever done before.

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