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Fredric Brown

The Late Lamented

Boardman 1959
Jacket artwork by McLoughlin

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After Jason Rogers, Freeland's respected City Treasurer, met his death by walking in front of an automobile it was discovered that $46,000 was missing. For Ed and Am Hunter, the Chicago private detective team, it was a matter of proving Rogers innocent or of finding the money. Their best chance Tor getting information was through Wanda Rogers, Jason's daughter. Am Hunter trailed Wanda, and Ed Hunter, Am's handsome young nephew, had the "roping" job: to get to know Wanda. To do it he moved into her rooming house. But Wanda spotted Am following her and quickly suspected that Ed was up to something too. And though Ed would have liked to share the lovely Wanda's belief in her father's innocence, the more he investigated, the worse Jason Rogers' case seemed, Fredric Brown, master of the strong and cleverly plotted detective story, presents a brilliant puzzle in this exciting mystery of embezzlement and death. It is a worthy setting for the re-emergence of Ed and Am Hunter, the nephew-uncle team Fred Brown has made so famous.

Frederic Brown     McLoughlin

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