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Frederic Mullally Series Character: Bob Sullivan

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Danse Macabre Secker & Warburg 1959 US: Viking 1960 as "Marianne"
Man with Tin Trumpet Arthur Barker 1961 Dust jacket by Michael Ward
Split Scene Arthur Barker 1963
The Assassins Arthur Barker 1964 Interestingly, University of Leeds Library holds an
Uncorrected publisher's proof copy of this book
US: Walker 1965
No Other Hunger Arthur Barker 1966 US: McKay 1966
The 'Penthouse' Sexicon New English Library 1968 Definitely not crime fiction!
The Prizewinner Arthur Barker 1967 Not mystery fiction
The Munich Involvement Arthur Barker 1968
Oh, Wicked Wanda! Sphere 1970 Paperback original
Clancy Hart-Davis 1971 Not a crime fiction book
Dustwrapper by David Pocknell
The Malta Conspiracy Hart-Davis 1972
Venus Afflicted Hart-Davis 1973
Hitler has Won Macmillan 1975 Not crime fiction
The Deadly Payoff W.H. Allen 1978
The silver salver Granada 1981 The story of the Guinness family
The Daughters Sidgwick & Jackson 1988
Primo Robson 1991 The story of 'Man Mountain' Carnera

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Frederic Mullally Author Biography - Information About the Author
Frederic Mullally was born in 1920.
Bob Sullivan is a reporter and the stories are often politically based thrillers, the author has also published books of a political nature.
Some of the dust jackets are of the photographic period and "racy" in nature!
I've never read one of the author's books so I cannot comment on literary merit.
The are not widely sought after by collectors, in our experience at leats, so can be collected for modest sums.
A full set is dust jackets would look good in our opinion and for what that's worth!

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