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Joan Fleming

When I Grow Rich

Collins Crime Club 1962
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Joan Fleming

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She was behaving as he would expect anyone to behave who had just witnessed a shooting incident; breathless, the pupils of her eyes enormous, the handbag on her arm. hanging open displayed an untidy jumble of letters, passport and articles of make-up. Nuri bey stared at the overnight case. There must be hundreds of cases exactly the same but it was impossible not to recognise the case which he had had in his hand and on his knee since it was handed to him by Miasma as he left theyali. In the local bus, on the ferry boat, in the restaurant in Eminonu, on the bus to Pera and in the airport bus, that case had been with him for the best part of three hours and he knew it was the same one; it was the only certainty in a very uncertain world.

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