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Joan Fleming

The Chill and the Kill

Collins Crime Club 1964
Jacket design unknown

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Joan Fleming

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The two girls rushed on ahead to warn Mrs. Side of what had happened and Giles came behind, more slowly, with his burden. He knew the almost plain sallow little girl perfectly well by sight. But she had grown a lot recently. He looked down into her face: she had finely arched eyebrows, a long slim nose which turned up slightly at the end, a full rich mouth and a tiny chin, almost receding but not quite, square with a dimple in it. Her hair was black and straggly and did nothing to help her face. And whilst he was studying the strange countenance, she opened her eyes and stared up at him: they were round brown pupils set in ovals that were the delicate blue of Chien Lung china; preposterously large eyes, slightly protruding and swollen with speculation.

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