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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Darkness over Hycroft John Gifford 1947 Green cloth, gilt lettering.
Dust jacket priced 7/6
Strange Welcome Boardman 1949 US: 1949 Coward
The Widow in White John Gifford 1949  
The Four Cornered Story Boardman 1951  
The Uninvited Boardman 1954  
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FA Chittenden Darkness Over Hycroft

Dust Jacket Artist: Pollack

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Frank Albert Chittenden ~ Further Information ~ Biography
The author was born 1910, and sadly this is all we currently know about this writer, if you can, please do help us rectify this. We are always very pleased to hear from anybody with any knowledge about authors or artists - please do get in touch.

Synopsis from Darkness Over Hycroft
To George Washington Raynor, late of San Francisco, it had for some time been a minor mystery why his friend Farrel, a wealthy man and in the prime of life, should choose to sequester himself in the tiny village of Hawkhurst. Nor could he obtain an answer to Lnis question until a strange case of murder occurred one night at Hycroft, a neighbouring house which the unsociable Farrel was at special pains to avoid. Raynor then began to understand, only by this time a great many more questions had arisen to tease his curiosity, for the malignant influence of the Hycroft tragedy spread until it had settled like a cloud upon that house and its surrounding countryside. Who was the visitor Paul Wellard had received on that wild winter night? Who was the driver of the car that could not be traced ? Which person was meant to die in the ambush at the S-benu ? Why was the life of the lovely Evelyn Wellard in danger ? All the American's well-cultivated powers of reasoning and ingenuity were required to keep pace with the ever-growing menace, and not until the final tense episode was being played did he establish his solution to this baffling and malevolent murder intrigue.

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