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William J Elliott

Triggers are Trumps

Published By gerald G.Swan in 1942
Jacket design unknown

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Triggers are Trumps
By William J. Elliott Once again "English" Ed. Gunning, that rather likeable ruffian and killer, whom you have (or should have) met before, in "Snatched Dame" and " Freak Racket," takes the stage. This time a slightly different Ed. Gunning, because, under the influence and persuasion of Tessie, his million-airess wife, he has been taking lessons in English from a competent tutor, so that his language is not so crude as in the past, and his company manners have a trifle more polish.

Not that this makes him any the less dangerous with a gun in either hand, by the way. Also, softened somewhat as he is by his love for and marriage with Tessie, he has become still softer with the advent of Eddy Junior, who, as his previous followers will remember, was born under rather lively circumstance towards the end of the "Freak Racket" adventure. But, softened though he may be, in this latest book Ed. soon proves that he is not yet soft enough to let his enemies get away with it.

A little misunderstanding with Tessie leads to a parting of the ways—and the parting of the ways leads to the kid-napping of Eddy Junior by a boss-gangster who wants to get a hold over Eddy Senior. And then the fun starts.

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