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William J Elliott

Spun Silk

Published By Gerald G Swan in 1947
Jacket design unknown

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William J Elliott    

In this latest Elliott romantic-thriller we have the third appearance of the inimitable " Silk," the man of five personalities and fifty faces. The man who can effectually disguise himself without the aid of make-up ; the man who is his own twin-brother; the man who is a perpetual thorn in the side of the police, and the nightmare of every crook ; the man who smiles at Life and laughs derisively in the face of Death; the man who stands for Justice instead of mere Law, and who is a law unto himself. In this, the latest and perhaps most thrilling of his adventures to date, we have an account of his lony duel with Sir Algernon (Juced, mastt-r-blackmailer and -ruthless rogue, and one of his romantic interludes with Anne Baring, thu beautiful mannequin. All working up to the terrific crisis of a wild chase by motor-boat across the seas, and a struggle and final victory that leaves the reader breathless. Silk is now established as a popular favourite with the fiction-reading public, and this latest of his adventures is calculated to considerably increase Ins reputation.

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