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William J Elliott

Shot Silk

Published By Swan in 1943
Jacket design unknown

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William J Elliott    

(Author of'The Running Killer," "Silk,"etc.)
THOSE who enjoyed " Silk " will not be disappointed in this account of the further adventures of that laughing, devil-may-care adventurer, who takes the sword of Justice into his own hand and ignores the Law. The story opens when a solicitor's clerk and his girl-friend, returning from the cinema late at night, fall over the body of a murdered man in Gunpowder Alley, just off Fleet Street. The police who are called in discover on the body of the murdered man the little square of black silk which is the trade-mark of the mystery-man who has been for years the bane of Scotland Yard. Anthony England, who is frequently called on by the Yard to help in difficult investigations, sees the body of the murdered man, and it is he (and who better qualified ?) who points out that not only do certain features of this new murder not fit in with the usual procedure of Silk, but that the square of silk found on the body is not of the same texture and quality as that invariably used by that relentless dispenser of home-made justice. A beautiful actress comes into the story and pays bitterly for her friendliness to Silk, who becomes more than ever relentless in his pursuit and tracking down of the criminals who are taking his name (or rather his trademark) in vain.

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