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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Dine with Elizabeth Vol 1 Blundell Brothers (NZ) 1956 A round the year book of recipes
Dine with Elizabeth Vol 2 Blundell Brothers (NZ) 1957 A round the year book of recipes
Murder Stalks the Bay Robert Hale 1958
Dive Deep for Death Robert Hale 1959 Set In New Zealand
Material Witness Robert Hale 1959 Set In New Zealand
Light on Murder Robert Hale 1960 Set In New Zealand
The Wrong Day to Die Robert Hale 1961
Publicity for Murder Robert Hale 1961
Golden Dawns the Sun Robert Hale 1962
A Heap of Trouble Robert Hale 1963
Growing Evil Robert Hale 1964 Set In New Zealand
You Won't Need a Coat Robert Hale 1964 Set on the Norfolk Broads
Uncertain Quest Robert Hale 1965 Oxford & Dublin libraries state "Guest" (wrongly)
The Tail of the Dozing Cat Robert Hale 1965

Dust Jacket Artist: Unknown

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Elizabeth Messenger Author Biography - Information About the Author
Elizabeth Margery Messenger was born in 1908 in New Zealand and died in 1965.
The first two books in the bibliography are non-fiction, not in Hubin nor the British Library.
The books are listed in order (when more than one book published in the same year) listed by the British Library catalogue.
The books are uncommon in fine collectable condition with dust jackets, usual story with this publisher in that most copies that turn up are ex-library.
There's some superb period artwork on some of these dustwrappers and the author is worth collecting for this reason alone
None of the books appear to have been published in America.

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