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Eleazar Lipsky Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Kiss of Death Penguin NYC 1947 UK: Penguin Books 1949. Penguin Books no 709
Reprinted by Lion 1953 as The Hoodlum
Reprinted UK by Panther Books 1957
US Dell 1961, cover by Bob Abbett
Subject of a noir film by Henry Hathaway
Murder One Doubleday 1948 US softcover: Pocket Book 1950
cover artist Harry Bennett
"Terror, Suspense & Violence"
The People Against O'Hara Doubleday Crime Club 1950 UK: Wingate 1951
US softcover Pocket Books 1952
Cover artist Tom Dunn
UK paperback: Corgi Books no T51 1954
Made into a movie featuring Spencer Tracy
Detective Magazine Short Story 1951 "The Magazine of True Crime Stories"
The Queen's Awards 8th Series Little Brown 1953 Hardback in dust jacket, Short story
Stabbing in the Streets Flying Eagle 1953 In Manhunt Detective Story Monthly Feb
Lincoln McKeever Appleton 1953 UK: Andre Deutsch 1954
Book set in Mexico in the 1890s
UK softcover reissued as Day of Judgment
Corgi Books. Transworld Publishers 1955
Columbia Review: Feb 1955 Vol 35 Columbia University 1955 Stapled wrappers
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine Mercury Publications 1955 Short story April 1955
Ellery Queen's Awards 10th Series Little Brown 1955 Hardcover book, Short story
The Scientists Appleton 1959 UK: Longmans Green 1959
US paperback: Cardinal Book 1959
Reprinted in UK by Panther Books 1963
"Discovery of a New Drug) "
Snitkin's Law Mercury Press 1959 In The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
The Devil's Daughter Meredith Press 1969 Book set in California in the late 1800s
Malpractice William Morrow 1972
The Quality of Mercy Avenel Books 1987 Short story in Manhattan Mysteries

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Eleazar Lipsky Author Biography - Information About the Author
Eleazar Lipsky, born 1911 and died in 1993, is an American born author listed in Hubin.
Assistant District Attorney in New York county for some years.
There is also a book called Four-Time Loser which was published under the pen name Dan Lynch.
Author included in 100 American crime writers edited by Steven Powell

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