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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Flesh and the Devil Werner Laurie 1950 272 pages ; (8)
"A murder in Glasgow and hanging"
Poison in Pimlico Werner Laurie 1950 275 pages ; (8)
"A baffling murder mystery court case"
The Bed Disturbed Werner Laurie 1952 Scottish & Irish libraries call for 1951
Dust jacket priced 12s 6d net
"Book based on a true crime committed in France"
Such Bitter Business William Heinemann 1953 A novel based on the case of Constance Kent
US: Morrow 1954 as Evil in the House
"A 100 year old murder"

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Elbur Ford Author Biography - Information About the Author
Elbur Ford is a pseudonym of Eleanor Burford Hibbert, born 1906 and died 1993, the author is in Hubin's crime and mystery fiction guide.
The author is probably best known for the books written under the names Jean Plaidy and Victoria Holt.
The Elbur Ford books are rare, genuinely rare, they must have had very small print runs as otherwise they are unaccountably scarce, especially given the period they were published.
I can't recall us ever handling a first edition book in jacket.
Readers are in as much trouble as collectors as I can find no record in the British Library of reprints or paperback editions.

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