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The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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See also the pseudonyms Victor Gunn and Berkeley Gray

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Case of the Twin Detectives Amalgamated Press 1916  
Midst Balkan Perils Ditto 1916  
The Peril of the Prince Ditto 1916  
The Red Spider Ditto 1916  
The House with the Double Moat Ditto 1917  
On the Bed of the Ocean Ditto 1922  
The Green Eyes Ditto 1923  
The House at Waterloo Ditto 1923  
The Boarding House Mystery Ditto 1924  
The Brixham Manor Mystery Ditto 1924  
The Case of the Sleeping Partner Ditto 1924  
The Human Bloodhound Ditto 1924  
The Mystery of Rodney's Cove Ditto 1924  
In the Night Watch Ditto 1925 Not in English Catalogue of Books
The Impersonators Ditto 1926 Not in the ECB
The Black Dagger Ditto 1933 Not in the ECB
The Strange Case of the Antlered Man Harrap 1935 Dustwrapper 7/6
The Grouser Investigates Harrap 1936 Dust jacket 7/6
The Midnight Lorry Crime Amalgamated 1937 Not in the ECB
The Riddle of the Body in the Road Ditto 1941 Not in the ECB

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Edwy Searles Brooks Biography - Further Information
Edwy Searles Brooks had two main series characters under this name, Sexton Blake and Detective Inspector William Beeke, also known as The Grouser. The authors other bibliographies can be seen via the links at the top of the page. Please note: given the nature of the site they contain only the criminous titles

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