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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Stranger Among Friends Hutchinson 1956
No Place to Hide Hutchinson 1959 Dust jacket artist Stein
The Killers of Karawala Hutchinson 1961 US: William Morrow 1962
Springs of Violence Hutchinson 1963 Dustwrapper artwork by Oliver Elmes
US: William Morrow 1963
"Set in the Australian outback"
A Kind of Justice Hutchinson 1964 US: William Morrow 1964
Northward, the Coast Heinemann 1966 US: William Morrow 1966
UK paperback: Pan Books, 1968
"Book set in Arnhem Land"
A Time Too Soon Heinemann 1967 US: William Morrow 1967
UK paperback: Pan Books, 1969
The Fires of Kiwai Heinemann 1968 "Set island in the Bismarck Archipelago of New Guinea"
Roar of the Lion Heinemann 1969
A Gathering of Eagles Collins 1970 "A tale of mineral fortune hunters"
A Lively Form of Death Constable 1972
Death and the Maiden Constable 1973 UK softcover: Mayflower 1975
"Book on a remote cattle station in Northern Australia"
Search for Tomorrow Constable 1974
A Day for Angels Constable 1975 Dust jacket artist Graham Tucker

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Edward Lindall Author Biography - Information About the Author
Edward Lindall is a pseudonym of Edward Ernest Smith, born 1915, Australian born and worked in Britain as a newspaperman, he is listed in Hubin.
The books can be found, online at least from specialist booksellers, in collectable condition with dust jackets, all at reasonable prices.
If you've an interest in books based in and around Australia then Edward Lindall's books are well worth a go.

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