M.G. Eberhart

Hand in Glove

Published By Collins Crime Club in 1937
Wrapper artist: Unknown

M.G. Eberhart - Hand in Glove

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Synopsis from Hand in Glove By M.G. Eberhart
M. G. EBERHART is, beyond all "probable, possible shadow of doubt," one of the best mystery writers of the day. For, in the first place, she can create character. Secondly, she can construct a really sound detective story. And above all, of course, she can fill her pages with an atmosphere of terror and suspense that distinguishes her work from that of any other writer. HAND IN GLOVE is the story of a girl who fled from a party given in her honour before her marriage, to keep a tryst with a former lover—a girl who fled from a man she didn't love but was going to marry, to a final'meeting with a man she loved but was never going to sec again—a girl who ran through the wind and snow to meet love, and found murder.

Classic Crime Fiction

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