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Roger East

Pearl Choker

Collins Crime Club 1954
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ROGER EAST, who has written several crime novels, including one with an unforgettable title, Twenty-Five Sanitary Inspectors, makes a spectacular return to the Crime Club with this new, exciting story. For this is much more than a murder and a mystery. Its action takes place in Venezuela where, in the company of his endearingk dutch-uncle', Don Xavier, and the redoubtable Eileen, Anthony Grimes, the narrator, finds himself in the towns and villages, in the plains and forests, even among the pearl-fisheries of that fascinating and fantastic country. Anthony, sent to Caracas on a mission for his London firm, is soon caught up in the intrigues of financiers whose operations are widespread and secret, who think nothing of murder. He is uncertain even of his allies, and his concentration is dangerously diverted by other young ladies besides Eileen. Into this authentic, detailed and attectionate description of Venezuela is woven an exciting and complex story of murder, fraud and escape.

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