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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Corpses Don't Care Curzon Publishing 1946
The Tomb of Horror Hamilton 1946 Cover artist H.W. Perl
Gun Fever Burrell 1947
Love Wore a Fez Grant Hughes 1947 Cover artist Reginald Heade
Blood on the Dragon Hamilton Stafford 1948 Cover artist H.W. Perl
Guns and Saddles Hamilton Stafford 1948
Desert Intrigue Hamilton Stafford 1949
Miss Spencer Gets Wise John Spencer 1949
Rita Makes a Killing John Spencer 1949 Cover artwork by John Pollack
A Lady on Loan John Spencer 1950
Miss Gloria Gets Wise John Spencer 1950
Mink Makes a Good Shroud ? 1950
Paid In Full John Spencer 1952 Hubin calls for 1953. Oxford Lib' 1952
The Big Deal John Spencer 1952
Unwilling Guest John Spencer 1952
Midnight alibi John Spencer 1952
Design for Danger John Spencer 1952
Corrupt City John Spencer 1953
Don't Mourn for Me John Spencer 1953
Framed John Spencer 1953
Too Much Ambition John Spencer 1953
Too Smart to Live John Spencer 1953
No Escape John Spencer 1953
Undercover Agent John Spencer 1953
Unwilling Guest John Spencer ? Artwork by Daegez

Cover Artist: J. Pollack

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Earl Ellison Author Biography - Information About the Author
Earl Ellison.
The Science Fiction Encyclopedia states that The Tomb of Horror and Blood on the Dragon were written by Norman Firth using the pseudonym Earl Ellison but Norman Firth passed away accoring to them before 1950.
Wikipedia claims that Earl Ellison is a name, amongst several others, used by Sydney J Bounds, this is repeated elsewhere as things on Wikipedia tend to be, we have found no definitive information in the British Library or period Copyright Catalogues.

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