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E.P.Thorne Series Characters:
Major Brains Cunningham - Quentin Eady - Geoff Fennell

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction titles

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Black Sadhu. Story of India Wright & Brown 1935
Ganges Mud 1936
White Arab 1936
Yoga Mist Wright & Brown 1937
Three Silent Men. A Mystery Story 1939
The Smile of Cheng Su Wright & Brown 1946
The Face of Inspector Britt 1947
Sinister Sanctuary 1949
The Shadow of Dr Ferrari 1950
Justice is Mine: A "Brains" Cunningham story 1950
The Moon Dance: A "Brains" Cunningham story Wright & Brown 1953
Red Bamboo: A "Brains" Cunningham thriller 1954
Date with the Departed Wright & Brown 1955
Lady with a Gun 1955
Seven Red Herrings: a detective mystery featuring Q.E.D. 1956
The Devil's Chapel 1957 A problem in crime detection featuring Q.E.D.
Evil in the Cup Wright & Brown 1958 A problem in crime detection featuring Q.E.D
Gallows Inn 1958 Another problem in crime detection featuring Q.E.D
Die Wearing a Rose 1959
The Angel Steps in 1960
The Bengal Spider Plan Wright & Brown 1961
They Never Come Back 1961
The House of the Fragrant Lotus 1962
Expect No Mercy Wright & Brown 1962 Another thrilling Q E D detective mystery
Assignment Haiti: a 'Man on the spot' story 1963
Black Sunset 1963
Zero Minus Nine 1964
Chinese Poker Wright & Brown 1964
The Death Rust 1965
The Jungle Hut 1966
Operation Dragnet 1966
The Caribbean Affair 1966
The Moscow File: a 'Man on the spot'story 1967
Code Word Proton Wright & Brown 1968

Dust Jacket Artist: Micklewright

E.P.Thorne Biography - Information About the Author
Ernest Pollett Thorne possibly born 1896 re an ancestry site.
All books published by Wright & Brown, some using the full name "Ernest Pollett Thorne" but most under EP Thorne.
These books are worth collecting for the dust jackets alone, especially the early to 1950s titles, 1960s still good but they don't have quite the artistic merit and imgaination of the earlier books, in our humble opinion.
Books in jackets for the collector are not easy to find, most seem to be ex-library copies when they do turn up, in our experience.
Personally, I'd be prepared to collect the earlier titles in jacket from public libraries provided they were priced accordingly, the jackets are worth it and you may not get another chance, if you do then upgrade.


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