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W. Murdoch Duncan

Meet the Dreamer

Published By John Long in 1963
Jacket design by Barbara Walton

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W Murdoch Duncan     Barbara Walton

Synopsis of Meet the Dreamer by W. Murdoch Duncan
When Superintendent Donald Reamer, better known to the underworld as the Dreamer, left the Malayan Police to come to Scotland Yard, he brought with him a reputation and a memory. The reputation rarely troubled him, but the memory was a spur to ambition. This is the story of Peter Treganza, his attractive young daughter, and his old army friend Mike Blane: of the Van Droon diamonds and what befell them. There was murder in it, and it was this which brought Superintendent Reamer into a little Hampshire village. This Murdoch Duncan thriller, which introduces an entertaining new character, is packed with pace and action, and the suspense is maintained all the way.

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