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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Nowhere to Go Elek Books 1956 Dust jacket artwork by by Pagram
The Juryman Elek 1957  
Scent of Danger Collins 1958  
Dangerous Silence Collins 1960  
Knife Edge Houghton 1961 US: no UK edition ?
The Genial Stranger Collins Crime Club 1962 Red cloth, black lettering, DW 12/6
Double Exposure Collins Crime Club 1963 Red cloth, black lettering, DW 12/6
Cool sleeps Balaban Collins Crime Club 1964 Red cloth, black lettering, DW 13/6
The Lonely Side of the River Hodder & Stoughton 1965  
Salute from a Dead Man Hodder & Stoughton 1966 Dustwrapper artist Brian Keogh
Death Is a Friend Hodder & Stoughton 1967  
Three Minus Two Hodder & Stoughton 1968  
Dead Straight Hodder & Stoughton 1969  
Night Boat from Puerto Vedra Hodder & Stoughton 1970  
The Kyle Contract Hodder & Stoughton 1971  
Sleep Is for the Rich Macmillan 1971  
Postscript to a Dead Letter Macmillan 1973 Dustwrapper priced £1.95 net
Zaleski's Percentage Ditto 1974  
The Spreewald Collection As Above 1975  
Raven in Flight Macmillan 1976  
Raven and the Kamikaze Macmillan 1977  
Raven and the Ratcatcher Macmillan 1977  
Deep, Dark and Dead Macmillan 1978  
Raven Feathers His Nest Macmillan 1979  
Raven Settles a Score Macmillan 1979  
Raven and the Paperhangers Macmillan 1980  
The Last of the Boatriders Macmillan 1981  
Raven's Revenge Macmillan 1982  
Raven's Shadow Macmillan 1984  
Raven's Longest Night Macmillan 1984  
Nobody Here By that Name Macmillan 1986  
A Savage State of Grace Macmillan 1988 Dust jacket priced £9.95 net
By Any Illegal Means Macmillan 1989 Dust jacket priced £10.95 net
Loose Cannon Macmillan 1991  
Eyes of the Goat Macmillan 1992  
Sixth Deadly Sin Macmillan 1993 Dust cover priced £13.99

Dust Jacket Artist: unknown

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Donald MacKenzie Biography - Further Information
Donald MacKenzie was born 1908 and had two main series characters, Henry Chalice and the intriguingly named Crying Eddie !

Born in Ontario, Canada, in 1908 and educated in England, Canada and Switzerland, for twenty-five years, MacKenzie lived by crime in many countries. " I went to jail," he writes, " if not with depressing regularity—too often for my liking." His last sentences were for five years in the United States and three years in England—and they ran concurrently. He began writing and selling stories when in an American jail and says " I like writing and hope to keep at it till I die. I like travel, kippers, American cars, Spanish suits, ice hockey, prize fights, walking, flowers, sun, dogs, Brahms, horseback riding, settling old scores, people who like me. I don't like meat, cocktail parties, Spanish gin, policemen, most judges, talk about things I don't understand, pompous people, good losers, or writers who " spell it out " for you. " I try to do exactly as I like as often as possible and I don't think I'm either a psychopathic, a wayward boy, a problem of our time, a charming rogue, or ever was."

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AT BROMPTON ROAD, Russell used a shoulder to fight his way off the crowded bus. Sound of a striking clock lingered as he turned into the quiet square. In front of him, the Victorian facade of an apartment building warmed in the early-morning sunshine. He went up the steps. Inside, a faded carpet covered the entrance hall. Two forbidding busts guarded the central stairway, A porter moved rheumatically from the shadows. Seeing Russell, he blinked recognition. A row of campaign ribbons brightened the man's high-necked uniform. The jet of his waxed moustache was made suspect by thinning grey hair. Russell followed him as far as the ancient elevator. The porter hauled on the handrope, grumbling his way to the top floor. He threw open the cage door, thrusting a couple of newspapers at the Canadian. " The paper bill's inside, sir. Per'aps you'd tell Mr. Sergeant the boy's been about it. Twice ! " He slammed the cage shut.

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