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Spy in the Chancery

Robert Hale 1988
A Hugh corbett Mystery

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This absorbing Hugh Corbctt novel tells of one of the first great spy scandals in English history. Edward I of England and Philip IV of France arc at war. Philip, by devious means, has managed to seize control of the English duchy of Aquitaine in France, and is now forming a grand design to crush Edward of England. He is aided in his plans by a spy in the English court. Desperate, Edward commissions his chancery clerk, Hugh Corbett, to trace and, if possible, destroy the traitor. Corbett's mission introduces him to many dangers both on land and at sea. He enters the underworld of Paris and later steals into hostile Wales where he must encounter new hazards, as well as find the love of his life. Unwillingly, Corbett is drawn into the murky undercurrents of international politics in the last decade of the thirteenth century.

PC Doherty


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