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PC Doherty

The Song of a Dark Angel

Headline 1994

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A cold, cruel wind sweeps across the Wash and chills those who live in the small villages along the Norfolk coast. But the wind, called the Dark Angel because of its treacherous effect on both sea and land, is nothing compared to the evil plotted in the human heart. In November 1302, Sir Hugh Corbett, King Edward I's Keeper of the Secret Seal, together with his manservant, Ranulf, and messenger, Maltote, are sent to Mortlake Manor in the icy wastes of Norfolk to confront such evil. A man's headless corpse has been found on the beach, the head impaled on a pole; at the same time, the pretty young wife of a local baker is found hanging from a gallows - and the scene is set for more gruesome deaths. Corbett is soon drawn into the mysteries of the place with its strange lights at sea and from the cliff tops, and the death of an old nun. Did she slip or was she cruelly thrown to the rocks below? And who are the Pastoreaux, the religious community apparently dedicated to good works, who have taken over the old Hermitage on the moors? The Lord of Mortlake Manor also has his secrets as do the villagers of Hunstanton, who, particularly their leader, the newly wealthy Robert the reeve, dislike any outsider. Even the Canonesses of the Holy Cross are unwelcoming, resenting as they do the spying of royal clerks. Corbett soon realises that the wilds of Norfolk where the eerie song of the Dark Angel can still be heard is just as treacherous as the silken intrigue at the royal court or the violence of London's fetid alleyways...

PC Doherty


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