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Satan in St Mary's Gate

Robert Hale 1986
A Hugh corbett Mystery

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In 1258 Henry III of England and his son, the Lord Edward, had to face a serious rebellion led by one of the country's leading barons, Simon de Montfort. After a fierce civil war, de Montfort's movement was crushed, he was killed in battle and his body hacked to pieces. When Edward I became king in 1272 he still faced considerable opposition from secret supporters of de Montfort, many of whom were based in the warrens and ghettos of London. In 1284 the King's interest was aroused by the murder in the City of Ralph Crepyn by Lawrence Duket, who then apparently committed suicide in the church of St Mary le Bow. The King, deeply suspicious about the murder, ordered an investigation into the events, fearing they might be linked with the sympathisers of the dead de Montfort, who had formed a powerful secret society in the capital called the Pentangle. The group, which practised black magic, was totally committed to destroying the King by whatever means they could employ. A clerk, Hugh Gorbett is chosen to conduct this investigation, and is soon drawn into the dark and dangerous underworld of medieval London. He has to encounter many dangers and difficulties before the truth of the matter is resolved.

PC Doherty


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