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PC Doherty

The Devil's Domain

Headline 1998

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The season of murder and subtle trickery!' Thus proclaims the chronicler of Westminster in the summer of 1380, as the British and the French wage war on the Narrow Seas. In Hawkmere Manor, a lonely, gloomy dwelling place, otherwise known as the 'Devil's Domain', a Frenchman lies dying, poisoned by an unknown hand. He is one of five prisoners, held to ransom by the Regent John of Gaunt. Sir John Cranston and his secretarms, Brother Athelstan, are summoned to investigate the mysterious death in the hope of averting French retaliation, but their path is riddled with obstacles. How could the murderer have entered the Frenchman's chamber when the room was locked from within and the window nothing but a narrow aperture? Their aide, Sir Maurice Maltravers, is more of a hindrance than a help, as he faces the misery of heartbreak. Lady Angelica, the woman he intended to marry, has been whisked away to a convent by her tyrannical and disapproving father. It soon becomes apparent that only when the lovers are reunited will any progress be made in the murder investigation...

PC Doherty


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